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 I began eating healthier, under the advice of Lisa, in November of 2005.  I did this because my doctor was very concerned about my cholesterol levels and I wanted to try to avoid being on medication for the rest of my life.  Not only did my levels go down to normal after only a few months of eating better, but I have been able to maintain those levels for all this time!

The fringe benefits included some really great recipes that my whole family has come to enjoy regularly and losing a significant amount of weight without really trying.  My skin looks glowing and younger, my body aches no longer exist and my headaches are virtually non-existent!  It is an easy lifestyle to maintain and the results keep you going!

Lisa is a pleasure to work with - never criticizing, but always finding the positive "levels of goodness" (as she puts it) that I have achieved.  I will do this forever!

Lynn A. ~ Lincroft, NJ

Lisa is an incredible role model, as she teaches and inspires children to create a lifestyle, not just change one as we do as adults.  Her message that healthy food creates a healthy mind, body and spirit is one that the children can readily understand.  She is engaging because she presents creative ways to introduce new foods. She stressed that just because a certain food might not taste good today, trying it again may lead you to find that your taste buds have changed. Having an open mind allows for the greatest variety in one's diet, and a willingness to try new things helps us to grow into healthier people! We were very lucky to have Lisa instill this positive message in our children!  Good dietary habits and awareness when we are young translate to an adult life filled with health and happiness.

Melanie E. ~  Daisy Troop #1475 Leader

I didn't have any success with diets.  I was overweight, tired, and always hungry. I also suffered from bad leg cramps during sleep, and felt I was in overall poor health.  Under Lisa's guidance, I was able to lose over fifteen pounds in four months, and trimmed my waistline. I have more energy than ever and have achieved my ideal weight.  I don't suffer from leg cramps any longer.  I'm not hungry between meals and I am finally living and feeling healthy. Just amazing. Thank you Lisa!

Art P. ~ Matawan, NJ

I have been working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, and Group Training Manager at Work Out World for 17 years.  Keeping myself healthy and fit, and then being able to share this in a way that changes peoples' lives is the best job on the planet!   Fitness would never be complete without a healthy, nutritional eating plan, and this is where Lisa has tremendously helped me, as well as many of my clients. We have all been able to reach a happier, healthier place in our fitness journies with Lisa!!     

Pam H. ~ Hazlet, NJ  

We have had the distinct pleasure of using the services of Lisa Testa. She was able to handle several problems that we were suffering from, including Acid Reflux and Gastro-Perisis. We have been making vegtable and fruit shakes for over 2 years, now.  Thank you Lisa, you have helped us to have healthier, happier lives!  

 Joanne & Lester K. ~ Belford, NJ

Lisa, I can't thank you enough for your help with the magazine. Without you it just wouldn't be what it is today. This is a really significant issue, due mostly to your hard work. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for all you do!

Anna Tipps ~ Previous Publisher, Purely Delicious Magazine

 I had a bone density test done in Dec 2007, and Osteopenia was discovered in my spine.  I was told to take 1200 mg of calcium a day. I couldn't do that, as I had a bad acid reflux problem. Not only was I afraid to take pills of any kind because of the acid reflux, I also realized that vitamin supplements did not sustain me through chronic stress.  So, from Dec 2007 to Dec 2008, I worked on my acid reflux problem, first with prescriptions drugs and then through talking with you. You showed me the right foods to eat. You taught me that greens are the highest source of usable calcium available to man..and you were right! During 2009, I increasingly ate more greens and in fact, I craved them!  I also ate fresh pineapple daily, as you suggested.  I NEVER took the calcium or any other vitamin supplement in all that time. I had another density test done in Dec 2009, and NO OSTEOPENIA, NO SIGN OF IT! My bone density was NORMAL!  The nurse told me to keep taking the 1200 mg of calcium.  She was shocked when I told her I had never taken it!  WOW!!  Truly amazing how some simple, natural adjustments in my lifestyle would bring my bone density back to normal. 

    I love coming to your seminars and demonstrations, Lisa. Every time I learn something new and absorb what you teach a little more deeply. You have completely changed my life and the way I think about food...You've really made a difference in my life!!

Mary D. ~ Middletown, NJ

I began working with Lisa several months ago when my daughter and I became sick with a viral infection. Lisa is so kind, caring and positive. She offered to come to our house because it was too difficult to travel to the appointment. Lisa spent a great deal of time getting to know us and our specific health concerns. She explained that nutrition is one of the key elements of healing. She ultimately recommended an alkaline diet with organic fruits and vegetables and to eliminate all processed foods, gluten and sugar. We immediately started to incorporate her plan into our diet. We also began to order some of the raw food and cooked meals that she personally prepares. These meals are so delicious! My whole family enjoys them. I know that the nutritional support that Lisa provides has been essential to our recovery process and has taught us how to eat better to feel better. I highly recommend Lisa and the Bridge Program.


Claudia D. ~ Rumson, NJ

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