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It IS Easy Being Green

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, I am all about greens! If I could encourage only one healthy practice to adopt, it would be to make and consume one large green smoothie everyday. Let’s take a look at why greens are so important to include regularly in your diet.

Kale has proportionally more Vitamin C than orange juice, and more bioavailable calcium than milk!

One of the first hand-outs I give to my clients is entitled Greens, Greens, Greens! Here is a brief version of some of the truly amazing facts about one of nature’s finest foods.

  • Greens are the primary food source that match human nutritional needs most completely!

  • Greens can be safely combined with any other food group, free of digestive worries.

  • If we maintain an abundance of different greens in our diet, we are guaranteed to receive all the essential amino acids that we need to thrive.

  • Greens have sufficient protein to build muscles in grazing animals, and contain the highest amount of readily assimilable protein for human ingestion.

  • Greens are a tremendous source of insoluble fiber, making elimination much easier and more regular.

  • Taking in sufficient greens greatly reduces strong cravings for sweet or salty foods.

  • Regular consumers of green smoothies (greens in a blended form) have reported that their hair no longer grows in gray, but dark again! I have clients that have already reported this same benefit. Crazy!

  • Drinking green smoothies allows for stomach acid levels to normalize, promoting better nutrient absorption.

  • Consuming enough greens produces a healthy pH balance in the body. We can only get sick when our bodies are in an acid state…alkaline greens prevent this from occurring.

  • Greens are full of chlorophyll which: purifies the liver, prevents cancer, counteracts dietary toxins, improves anemic conditions, regulates menstruation, eliminates body odors, produces healthy gums and teeth, eliminates bad breath, improves varicose veins, and improves vision.

Whoa…that is quite a list! Now are you excited to reap the benefits of adding more greens to your diet?

I know that greens are not necessarily a culinary masterpiece on their own, and just how many salads can a person eat? (Unless you’re me ;)) So, what I recommend to my clients is the regular consumption of a little concoction known as a green smoothie. Green smoothies, although odd in color, are delicious in taste. Simply mix 60-70% fruit with 30-40% greens, add some water, ice, and blend!

Getting in your greens has never been easier…or tastier! Smoothies are a simple, quick, and delicious meal, and children love them, too!

Just give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose…except the gray hair.

Have a great day!


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