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Lisa offers one-on-one nutritional consultations right in the privacy of your own home! She likes to take a hands-on approach to teaching, which can often include going through kitchen cabinets, reading product labels, grocery store shopping, and cooking demonstrations.  


Your initial consultation begins with a basic accounting of your health history, and an in-depth discussion on your current lifestyle and dietary habits.  Lisa will analyze your diet and design a plan to meet your goals, while still fitting in with your lifestyle. She will teach you the foundations of true health and holistic eating, focusing on the body’s need to de-toxify and rejuvenate.

An initial consultation typically runs at least 2 hours, and is $150.00, payable by cash or check made out to Healthier You, L.L.C. at the time of service.  Follow-up consultation rates vary, based upon length and services provided.

Before meeting with Lisa, you will be asked to fill out some simple paperwork consisting of a basic Health History Form and a Client Waiver, stating that you understand that she is an educator and not a medical doctor. This paperwork can be attained via fax or email.


  • Simple & delicious recipes

  • Educational articles & pamphlets

  • Book recommendations

  • Restaurant recommendations

  • Menu planning

  • Cooking lessons

  • Grocery store walk-through

  • Meal Preparation Service

Do you or a loved one struggle with health problems and lack of energy? Maybe you just want to lose weight or have healthier meals for yourself and your family?  

Personal & Family Nutritional Counseling & Meal Preparation

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