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My goal is to create vibrant health and a better quality of life for EVERYONE by using an integrative healing approach to reducing illness and disease.



  • Body in Balance: A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

  • Vibrant Start to a Healthy Heart: Eliminate High Cholesterol & Hypertension

  • Dynamic Diabetic: Reversing Type II Diabetes

  • Conquer Cancer: One Healing Bite at a Time

  • Healing Inflammation: Not Just for Arthritis!

  • Ideal Digestion: Alleviate IBS & GERD the Natural Way

If you are a medical professional who is looking to incorporate a holistic healing modality into your practice, Lisa can help.

Nutritional Counseling to Complement Traditional Medicine


  • Physician-Directed, Goal-Oriented Wellness Consultations

  • Individualized Nutritional Counseling & Programs

  • Educational Seminars & Food Demonstrations

  • Weight Loss & Wellness Weekly Group Meetings

  • Periodic Lab Testing & Blood Pressure Monitoring

With the current increase in desire of patients to seek out alternative means for treating illnesses, how would you like to be able offer your patients a more well-rounded approach to healing right in the office? Bring BRIDGE into your practice and see your patients’ health and attitudes transform!

BRIDGE was designed to “bridge the gap” between holistic wellness and traditional healthcare.  For years upon years, conventional medical care and holistic wellness have been two extremes at opposite ends of the healing spectrum. Rather than shunning one healthcare modality while embracing the other, BRIDGE takes the best of both worlds and connects them in a way that is efficient and manageable for any and every patient.

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