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My Story

Years of personal experience and observation have taught me that dieting simply does not work. All types of restrictive behaviors only lead to inevitable frustration and eventual failure.  In order to truly succeed, you need to understand and believe in what you are doing! Staying on a "diet" will never work, but creating a new lifestyle and adopting healthy, balanced thinking will render results like you've never known before!


As I earned my nutrition degrees, I focused on learning multiple different dietary therapies and eating mentalities that are designed to help people achieve vibrant health and heal from illness. I intensely studied and personally assessed vegetarianism, veganism, Ayurveda, macrobiotics, dairy-free eating, gluten-free eating, calorie-restriction, therapeutic fasting, and enzymatic therapy via 100% raw, living foods. Although I've personally adopted a raw foods lifestyle for the past twelve years, I use pieces of every dietary mentality to develop individualized programs that are designed to meet each client right where he or she is.



Digestive Wellness
Healthy Weight Loss
Cleansing & Detoxification
Food Allergies & Intolerance
Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning
Hormonal Imbalances
Auto-Immune Disorders
Reversing Chronic Illness & Fatigue
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